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Last one because I love Tim Burton movies :D
(I grew up with The Nightmare Before Christmas!)

Not entirely familiar with how to draw the penguin, since the animals in his movies tend to be dogs and cats, so I just went with„, something :P

Easter/Bro’s birthday break is over, which means I gotta focus on my last exam!

Wish me luck :D




No but can you imagine Marius awkwardly trying to get Valjean to like him

"Well, I can see where Cosette gets her good looks from!"

"She’s adopted."

"Oh…Well I mean you…What I guess I’m trying to say…You’re a pretty man, sir…"

Swenson!vert question!

Does anyone know how Will Swenson has his hair when he performs as Javert?

I’ve noticed musical Javerts tend to have one of two hairstyles: tied up, or grey and approximately shoulder-length.

I’ve seen photos of Swenson!vert with loose hair but I’ve also heard that he has his hair in both styles, but either way I need to know for Pocket Swenson!vert :)

So can anyone tell me how he has his hair?

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1.what’s your nickname?
Niko :D

2.your meaning of a nickname.
It’s the name my family calls me (most of them can’t pronounce my name right) and this is how my dad spells my nickname

3.What is your favorite movie?
Ooh there’s too many to choose from~ 
Okay, the first thing that came to my mind was Happy Feet :P

4.What’s your favorite actor?
Also so many to choose from, ahh I don’t know. There are so many and I don’t really have a favourite :P

5.What’s your favorite color and reason
Orange. I don’t entirely know how it suddenly became my favourite, but I like how cheery and warm it is.

6.Your draw style?
I have a few but my most common are:



WHERE DID YOU COME FROM??? I WAS STUDYING! STYLE(seriously, I was studying and suddenly this comes out of nowhere)

7. If your favorite fictional character is your lover, you?
I can’t choose between Valjean and Javert but either way I think it would be kinda awkward (there’s a huge age gap!)

I imagine being friends at most with them :P

8.What’s your favorite valjean and javert?(novel,movie,musical comics etc.)
The Brick originals are definitely my favourite.

For movie:

For musical:

For comic:

yeah :D

9.valvert’s best scene?

10. Ask to Javert and Valjean.
Do you hear the people sing? :P

11.What’s Your recent hobby?
Tumblr I guess making pocket paper dolls are a hobby :)

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1. Most memorable school event?
Playing Dutch Blitz with my friends during lunch time and having teachers approach us and ask about the game (and then telling us to calm down a bit because man you don’t pat the deck when you call ‘blitz’ you slam that shit with the might of Thor and cry like a banshee to prove to the peasants your victory) :P
Simple, yet, some days when I’m sitting alone in a study hall, that’s all I think about :)

2. Something you regret?
Not trying to get back into the art class in 10th grade. (To explain, I took art in 9th grade, and I wanted to take the Media Arts class in 10th grade. It sounded cool: photography, clay animation, comic drawing. It sounded like something I could have fun in! But the class filled up, and instead I got Gym class. They suggested I try again for grade 11, but I was a bit arrogant back then and I didn’t like the students in the grade below me - because they were quite a terrible lot. So I never took art again)

3. Worst book/tv show/movie you ever had to wade through?
Mmm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen/read a book/tv show/movie that I could openly say was bad. If that was my first reaction, I would doubt it and reanalyze until I come up with a reason as to why it could be bad and could be good.

Ah wait no, the sequels to Open Season were so painful to watch (AND WHEN THE FIRST MOVIE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL— WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL~)

4. Something you used to hate but now you like?
My incessant and uncontrollable habit of doodling. I didn’t like it before because it would get me in trouble. I liked it even less when I was trying to give up on drawing altogether. I like it now, because now when I go over my notes, I can go over my doodles too, like a little treat with each page :)

5. Annoying habit that people do that drives you crazy?
Shaking legs (especially when I’m in the lecture hall and the person right beside me is shaking their leg and thus I feel the vibrations. IT IS SO WEIRD STOP THAT)
Loud gum chewing, or chewing anything with ones mouth open (like okay, I realize you are chewing something. I don’t need to see what it is.)

6. What are you most proud of?
That despite everything - family ruptures, friend disputes, a potentially dangerous relationship, depression, self-loathing, doubt, anxiety - I’m still here and I’m still going. 

There’s not much to be proud off, but this much I can be.

7. Something you collect?
I used to collect erasers, like the ones with cute designs, or are made to look like food :P
Here take a look:



I haven’t been collecting them for a while, erasers aren’t cheap man :/

8. Have you ever had to give up something?
I’ve tried, but I have little discipline :/
I’ve tried giving up drawing, writing, socializing in order to maximize my study time.

Didn’t work and landed me in a deep hole of depression.

Never doing that again.

9. Best gift you’ve ever gotten?
Like a physical gift? Well, I guess the best physical gift I’ve ever gotten would be my drawing tablet. It definitely was one of the things that pulled me back into drawing.

If you mean like a skill or talent, I guess it would be drawing. If I took drawing away, there would be little of me left. I’m not smart, athletic, popular, pretty, or outstanding in an explicit way. Drawing has been with me since I was a child, and though I’ve tried to abandon it, I’ve come to accept it as part of me. Without it, I don’t really know where I’d be.

10. A hidden talent?
Acting. People never see it coming because I’m normally shy and quiet. However whenever I’m acting for school project, I always try to take roles that are a bit spontaneous or eccentric. 
I love seeing everyone’s reaction. Even if it’s not acting, I’m just reading a script, I’ll put personality into my words instead of some deadpan drone. It just comes easily to me and I love it. I just never got he chance to pursue it because, well, people don’t think shy people can act :P

11. Best thing that someone ever showed you that changed you? 
Best thing. A lot of things have changed me, but rarely have they changed me for the better. I guess, Les Misérables, perhaps? I was introduced to it in my 12th grade French class, and it really changed me I think. I started trying to improve my drawing and experimenting. I’ve made cool and wonderful friends that brighten my days. It’s changed me, I think :)

Happy Easter :)
Here’s sugary sweet doodle of squishy marshmallow Nic in a cotton-candy pink bunny cape.

Happy Easter :)

Here’s sugary sweet doodle of squishy marshmallow Nic in a cotton-candy pink bunny cape.

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1.If you could travel anywhere where would you oh and why?
I wanna travel everywhere. I’ve never traveled before (besides America one time for my cousin’s graduation) and I’m really nervous about it, but I’m also so interested in seeing other countries! I wanna travel everywhere :D

2.What actor in the Harry Potter saga could play a good Javert?
Ohhh, I’m almost tempted to say Alan Rickman (personal bias), but hmm, maybe the guy who plays Lucius Malfoy? 

3.What monster are YOU?
Hmm, I don’t really know. I don’t really know much about monsters even though I watch Supernatural on a regular basis :P

Uh, a plant monster I guess? Like those monsters that take the form of trees and stuff. That’d be cool :)

4.What celebrity is your secret nemesis?
Raul Esparza. That man has too many facial expressions to be real, he belts out such a beautiful “Halleilujah”, and he thinks he’s a penguin. 

How dare he

5.What is your favorite food?
Ahh, there’s too many to choose from (niko is a glutton)! Mmm, I think it’s probably pho. I love pho. Love it. (just wish the nearest restaurant was closer to my house ;A;)

6.Top hat or bowler?


7.What is your fav Tumblr blog? Why?
Too many to pick from, so many cool people, cool posts, cool art, cool fics, cool rps, too cool (*´∀`*)

8.What fictional character do you think should become ruler of your country?
Matthew Williams aka Canada :P
(get out the way Harper!)

9.Who’s your imaginary girlfriend/boyfriend? 
*blushes* ehehe, well when I was younger, I made an OC that was pretty much my imaginary boyfriend >///<

He’s still one of my favourite OCs :D

10.Is the cake a lie?
Depends on what kind of cake it is 

11.Did you like my questions?
Yes OwO